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Your heart is the rhythm of your life, and at BIO SWISS, we understand the importance of nurturing it. That's why we present Omega 369 - HEART HEALTH +, a premium supplement enriched with the goodness of natural omega-3 fatty acids, the "good fat" that nourishes your entire body and promotes a robust, healthy heart. Crafted with an optimal balance of fatty acids, this fish oil supplement undergoes rigorous molecular distillation to ensure purity, eliminating any traces of harmful mercury.


Key Benefits:


  • Heart Health: Promote a strong, healthy heart with the nourishing benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, helping you maintain cardiovascular well-being.


  • Whole-Body Nourishment: Omega-3 isn't just for your heart; it benefits your entire body, from your brain to your joints, offering a comprehensive approach to well-being.


  • Optimal Fatty Acid Balance: Our formula contains an ideal balance of fatty acids, ensuring you receive the full spectrum of benefits without compromise.


  • Purity Guaranteed: Through meticulous molecular distillation, we remove any potential traces of harmful mercury, delivering a pure and safe supplement. 


At BIO SWISS, we believe that a strong heart is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. Omega 369 - HEART HEALTH + encapsulates our commitment to your well-being. It's not just a supplement; it's a promise to prioritize your heart's health and overall vitality. With every capsule, you're taking a step towards a healthier, more vibrant life.


£35.99 Regular Price
£29.99Sale Price
    • 90 Capsules
    • 30 Day Supply 
    • Organic 
    • Ethically sourced 
  • EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid from fish oil) - 200 mg 

    DHA (docosahexaenoic acid form algae oil) - 100 mg 

    GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid from borage oil) - 50 mg 

    LA (Linolenic acid from borage oil) - 100 mg 

    OA (Oleic acid from borage oil) - 50 mg 

    Saffron flower extract (0,3% saffranal) - 100 mg 

    Pine bark extract (95% OPC) - 100 mg 

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