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In the quest for a vibrant and balanced life, BIO SWISS proudly presents Vitamin A + E - CoQ10 COMPLEX, a dynamic multivitamin with herbs like Black Rice and Moringa supplement designed to unleash your body's natural potential. This exceptional formula not only increases energy but also supports muscles, libido and sexual activity, maintains cognitive function, and enhances cellular performance. 


Key Benefits:


  • Immune System Boost: Strengthen your body's defenses and increase your resilience with this immune-boosting powerhouse.


  • Enhanced Energy: Enjoy a sustained boost in energy levels, helping you power through your day with vitality and enthusiasm.


  • Muscle and Cognitive Function: Support your muscle health and sharpen cognitive function, ensuring you perform at your best both physically and mentally.


  • Increased Libido and Sexual Activity: CoQ10 is known to increase libido and enhance sexual activity in a natural way by giving your body the appropriate nutrients and improving their function 


  • Improved Cellular Performance: Enhance your cellular performance, ensuring your body functions optimally from the inside out.  


The synergy of elements in Vitamin A + E - CoQ10 COMPLEX from BIO SWISS is what makes it a powerful and effective supplement for health. The combination of vitamin A, vitamin E, and CoQ10, along with other essential nutrients, creates a formula where these elements work together harmoniously to enhance absorption and deliver a wide range of health benefits.


£35.99 Regular Price
£29.99Sale Price
    • Vegan
    • 90 Capsules
    • 30 Day Supply 
    • Organic 
    • Ethically sourced 
  • Vitamin A (as retinol palmitate) - 8000 UI - 300% DV, Vitamin E (as DL-alpha tocopherol acetate) - 36 mg - 300% DV, CoQ10 (as coenzyme Q10) - 100 mg, Green Coffee extract (50% chlorogenic acid) - 500 mg, Black Rice extract (20:1 full spectrum) - 500 mg, Moringa extract (20:1 full spectrum) - 500 mg 

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