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Discover the essence of every BIO SWISS supplement - an unprecedented core complex delving deep into cellular levels

For over 20 years, our holistic science experts have analysed five vital pillars of wellness: IMMUNITY, STRESS REGULATION, ANTI-INFLAMMATION, VITALITY, and CELLULAR LONGEVITY.

These pillars form the foundation of our exclusive formula, blending potent bioactive compounds with targeted minerals, roots, herbs, and mushrooms in precise quantities, harnessing cutting-edge synergistic technologies to deliver truly innovative products.

Driving Factors Guiding Our Formulations


Our plant-based formulations are made with care for your body and the environment. They're non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and free from artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives


We develop our formulations with a precise and targeted approach to ensure optimal benefits for active solutions and conditions. By using cutting-edge longevity technologies, each ingredient and compound enhances effectiveness to its fullest potential.


"We carefully source the finest ingredients from across the globe to support your wellbeing, all while being mindful of our environmental footprint throughout the supply chain. We prioritise ongoing dialogue with our partners to uphold our shared values and principles of sustainability.


With a legacy spanning over 20 years supplement production, coupled with the expertise of our Holistic Science team, we stand at the forefront of holistic wellbeing solutions technology, providing science-based supplements."



  • Immunity: Supporting immune function, maintaining inflammation balance, and regulating biological processes.

  • Antioxidation and Anti-Inflammation: Combating inflammation and shielding against environmental and lifestyle factors through antioxidant properties.

  • Stress Regulation: Regulating stress responses, promoting mood stability, and enhancing cognitive function.

  • Anti-Aging Action: Fostering sustained cellular health to promote graceful ageing.

  • Vitality: Facilitating metabolic pathways, restoring homeostasis, enhancing resilience, and reversing cellular decline.

Delivering the ultimate in synergetics, each of our formulas features the exclusive BIO FORMULA combined with nutraceutical ingredients, meticulously selected and dosed to enhance your body and mind.

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