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SPORT ENERGY + FOCUS - Mixed Berries flavour

Achieve peak performance with SPORT ENERGY + FOCUS by BIO SWISS. We believe in efficient, productive training that’s both healthy and sustainable. Our advanced formula combines 9 essential vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts, featuring bioavailable nutrients for maximum impact.


Experience a natural energy boost from caffeine and Cordyceps mushroom, while L-Theanine helps maintain focus. ALCAR enhances blood flow and elevates performance, all in a low-sugar, naturally made BIO SWISS pre-workout blend. This innovative synergy creates a healthy addition to your training regiment.

SPORT ENERGY + FOCUS - Mixed Berries flavour

    • Improve focus during training 
    • Enhance energy during training 
    • Increase pump and blood circulaiton during training 
    • Enhance endurance and efficiency during training 
    • Low in sugar 
    • No artificlal colours or preservatives 
    • Vegan friendly 
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